Dimensions Care

The Nest

Think of a place you can really call ‘home’, a safe retreat where you’re never alone.

Imagine yourself at the heart of a tribe, where you glow with the love that the family prescribe.

Picture adventure and smiling and fun, not a care in the world it’s your time in the sun.

Suppose there are trusting hands to hold, in a comfortable snug where it never feels cold.

Believe in a haven, I’ll show you its real. There are people there who care how you feel.

There’s a place where you can be your best, theres a place for you inside the nest.

Dimensions Care

The Burrow

This house is made from brick and stone, but more is needed to make it a home

Happy memories with those who care, creating freedom to begin to share

Experiences lead to opportunity, become a part of our new community


Being fun and playful at our base, easily makes this our favourite place

Until you start to trust us here, we hope that our intentions are clear

Releasing emotions may give you a fright, we will guide you until you feel alright

Relationships that feel warm and snug, sometimes we all need a good hug

Open up our ears to listen, so that you can have your time to glisten

When you begin to settle in, we hope that you may find your smile within

Safe and loved you are not alone, this is what’s needed to make it a home