About Us

Dimensions Care

About Us

Dimensions Care was founded in 2019 knowing how many children’s service providers were registered in the U.K.. We had to consider how we could offer a service to children that would give them a better chance of understanding themselves, build self esteem and learn to trust adults again.

We knew we needed people in the organisation to deliver such a service, we knew we needed a quality approach to our care and we knew we had to invest in everyone who will be part of the journey in achieving this.

We care for children who are in need of a home, a stable environment and an approach which enables them flourish.

We provide Care to children with Social, Emotional & Mental Health (SEMH) Needs. It is likely that all the children in the home will be vulnerable and this means we expect all staff to remain particularly vigilant to maintaining their safety and welfare.

We are a non-partisan community and as such there is no bias towards any political group. Equally, we are non-secular and there will be no bias towards any religion, spirituality, or faith. 

We are a service that celebrates and welcomes diversity and cohesion, which is based upon underlying principles of respect, understanding and tolerance.

Many of the children in our care will have previously experienced trauma, a sense of rejection, neglect, abuse and exploitation. We understand that such negative life experiences will impact upon their presentation and well-being, which in turn may result in a history of challenging or risk-taking behaviours.

Purpose & Values

To create the most forward thinking care approach, by developing attachments with our children and ensure its embedded in our serving community.

Model of Care

Dimensions care aim to provide a positive and welcoming environment that will enable children to grow and thrive. We believe Children Looked After deserve the highest standards of care.

Wow Moments

We always look to see the kids smile, create an experience in which they have never been able to have before, recognise and reward them for who they are, acknowledge specific achievements or dates important to them.

Kids Testimonials

Our kids views, thoughts and opinions are really important to us. We have asked what they think about their experiences and what they like about their homes.


We believe leadership is integral in how an organisation works and what impact it can have on a culture within a company.